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SYS Consulting Ltd. has two major assets, in which we take pride and constantly strive to improve in order to sustain our constant development:

Our loyal customers, who believe in our potential and we treat as our dearest partners.
Our team of professionals whose skills, expertise and knowledge are our greatest capital, which they have gained over the last 14 years working together in the field.


Since its establishement in 2006 Sys Consulting has been expanding the numbers of its team, which develops and supports the products of the company, to the present number of 60 people. SYS Consulting Ltd. recruits its employees from among the talented and ambitious young students in the universities of Sofia and Varna as well as alluring already established specialists in the fields. The company invests continuously in the training, certification and development of its employees’ skills and talents. About 75-80% of our employees have higher education.


About 40% of SYS Consulting Ltd. employees take care of the maintenance and support of the automated solutions implemented in company’s customers, 30% create programs, and 20% are highly qualified designers and project managers.
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Photos of Team Building 2007 - Panichishte
Photos of Team Building 2008 - Borovets
Photos of Team Building 2009 - Borovets
Photos of Team Building 2010 - Belogradchik
Photos of Team Building 2011 - Ribaritsa