CSS Agency

SYS Consulting is pleased to present you the new completely integrated software solution CSS Agency. The solution offered by our company covers all the major and specific requirements for your container shipping agency. The package also includes the following features:

  • Delivery of the applied software
  • Step-by-step integration of the applied and system software on every stage of the proposed project
  • Training
  • Services regarding the migration of the legacy system and applied software
  • Maintenance and support of the applied software


The present integrated information system CSS Agency is created on a module architecture with the use of the latest system platforms and architecture solutions, in field of complex and significant information systems. The system uses relational database (RDBMS Oracle) that supports easy system integration with other information systems using the same database and is also one of the most reliable and secure. In the system are integrated all the major and specific requirements essential for the functioning of a container shipping agency, as well as all individual technologies needed by our clients to properly serve their customers.

The CSS Agency system will allow its users to operate effectively, with high level of automation of the processes, low cost of integration, minimum personnel effort and high level of control over ones business. The CSS Agency system covers not only the basic functionalities required by our clients, but also a large area of functionalities and possibilities, aimed at the optimization and development of the container shipping services, based on the long-run experience in support of financial information systems of our team in Sys Consulting.