CSS Liner

SYS Consuilting is pleased to present you the new information solution CSS Liner, automated system for container line management.

The present integrated information system CSS Liner is created on a module architecture with the use of the latest system platforms and architecture solutions, in field of complex and significant information systems. In the system are integrated all major and specific requirements needed by an automated information system to manage the logistics and financial technologies essential for the operating of a container line.

The CSS Liner system allows the management body of container lines to operate effectively, with high degree of process automation at low cost, minimum personnel efforts and high degree of control over the company operations.


CSS Liner is characterized as fully integrated information and financial system that grants the container line the capability to meet the challenges of the present fast-paced markets. The system uses relational database (RDBMS Oracle) that supports easy system integration with other information systems using the same database and is also one of the most reliable and secure. The module integration option, in a single information system, gives CSS Liner the capacity to be a fully functional and efficient solution for all the departments associated with the container line, as well making easier the connections with the clients and vendors.

CSS Liner has a flexible approach, which makes it a system completely adaptable to users’ needs. The main characteristics of the system include:

Flexibility – the system CSS Liner system is based on specialized modules that can be easily integrated at any point, which allows for a swift and prompt transformation or supplementation to the users' information services.

Integrity – the system CSS Liner offers integrity of the sub systems in the all departments of the agency, so that multiple data entry is avoided. The product decreases the probability of errors, miscalculations and wrong operations, with the assistance of a standardized, by the governing body of the container line, operational and financial technology, which the users are required to follow.

Security – an advanced security system is incorporated in the CSS Liner system, which specifies the individual and group rights for each user in the system of the agency. The settings can be easily managed and changed by the system administrators. Additionally every action or procedure, allowed to a system user, is recorded in a complete system log that can be easily supervised at a later stage.

Modules – the CSS Liner system is build on modules all designed by the same team, modules that can be used together or separately. The modular system has been designed with a consistent strategy which makes the modules easy to apply and utilize by the user.

Availability – the CSS Liner system is based on open systems technologies, which provide scalability, portability across platforms together with ease of interoperability.