Modules of the Banking Information System OraSYS

ModuliOraSYS is composed of modules and uses different technologies with specific features depending on the working place.




Customer Information File Banks Accounting
BGN payments Teller operations Statistical and Reporting forms
Currency Electronic debit and credit cards Internet Banking Subsystem
Pasive operations Long-term Assets MS Word Integration
Short-term and Long-term acquisitions from passive operations Inventory MS Excel Intergation
Active operations VAT and Invoicing  
Charges and Commissions Equities Transactions Module  
Budget Organization Servicing    













Integrated Costumer/Partner Information File Module

picture1 It is a system module which consists of technological and functional options necessary  for costumer information registration regarding bank partners (costumers, suppliers, employees etc.) Each costumer information file maintains a wide range of data allowing its identification, personal details, information on its relationships with the partner, as for the Bank costumers so for the Bank itself. There is an option for a global search and precise analyse of the relationships of the bank with the partners. It is possible relationships between the partners in the file to be determined and in this manner general analysis of the specified group is ensured. The system allows defining of specific technologies (accounting operations, interest payment, payment of fees, etc.) depending on their type and sub-type or on the individual costumer evaluation technology. The module allows maintaining of costumer segmentation - the profit centre which the client relates to, as well as specific information regarding particular costumer, providing his explicit identification which would serve for the purpose of different analyses.


 BGN Payments Module

The modulepicture2 serves the full payment process in national currency (RINGS, BISERA, Central Depository, and BORIKA).  The module has available various register data regarding the BGN payments, tools for tracking their operating cycle, as well as automated accounting operations specified by the Bank payments process reporting. The module has options of automated procedures for batch processing of the BGN payments, as well as supports various interfaces to the national payment system (National Operators: BISERA, BORIKA, RINGS, Central Depository, SEBRA) and also an Internet banking subsystem serving the BGN payments.

The processes executed by the system in processing the BGN payments ensure multiple control mechanisms which evaluate the reability of the primary data, correctness in the processing for the respective payments and their accountancy.



Currency Module


The module ensures currency payments of the Bank, providing functionality by supervision of the full operation cycle of the payments in accordance with the internal requirements of the Bank and external organizations. 

Maintained data are in compliance with S.W.I.F.T requirements and allow automated processing activities in all branches of the Bank. The module has external duplex interface for connection with SWIFT System, enabling automated file transfer. The module has controls on the correctness of process execution ensuring currency payments in correspondence with the bank methodology, SWIFT standard and regulations in the country.
The module additionally supports registration and processing of active and passive bank operations in different currencies and their accounting in national (or other) currency. The currency sub-system allows automatic currency conversion recalculation of the operations, as well as recalculation of the bank expositions that are calculated in the original currency.



Passive Operations Module /deposits, payment accounts, demand depositaccounts/

This module allows the registrationpicture4 and processing of the passive bank operations, sorted by a great number of different types of deposits and current accounts.

Each type of passive account in the system has individual features, which allows defining of new types of passive products (privileged accounts and gold deposits, etc.)

The service technology, the interest rates and the accounts which passive operations are processed, depend on the type of the product and the client.  Accounting of the interest conditions on specific deposits and current accounts could be detailed at the level of the account.



Short-term and long-term attracted funds from passive operations Module

The module processes the acquired credits in the Bank, emitted by the Banks debenture loans, credit part of Repo- transactions, etc. Identical credit passive operations. These finance tools should be specified with a proper interest rate politics, change of interest rates and commissions, instalment plan and all attributes required for credit product management.



Active Operations Module /credit, loan, contracts, bank guarantees and securities/

This modulCredit Exposurese assists in registration and processing of  the registration and processing of active banks operations for a large number and different type credit, loan guarantee etc., accounts. Each type of active account in the system has its own individual characteristics which help define new types of active products. The service technology, the interest rates and the accounts which active operations are processed, depend on the type of the product and the client.

The module, picture5servicing the credit transactions, is developed in two main technological directions - servicing of corporate clients and servicing of citizens. The module has available different tools for granting and monitoring the life cycle of the credit transactions.

 Developed functionalities and tools are focused on the specifications of granting credit products for different types of clients (corporate and individuals).

  • Impairment Тool  - tpicture6he technique ensures calculation and accounting of impairment of credits and agreements.
  • Depreciation of Charges Tool - the technique ensures inputting and accounting of charges on the credit. For the credits is issued depreciation plan. There are options for straight -line depreciation and IRR depreciation methods. Registers charges are depreciated as they are relate as instalment in the bank revenues according to the issued depreciation plan or straight -line method.


Charges and Commissions Module

The module provides tools for the processing of the information, associated with the  bank service charges and commissions. Each defined charge or commission is automatically charged with each service, facilitating and increasing the collectibles of expenses. There is an option for additional charges and commissions to be defined depending on type of the client and the service.

The module maintains a wide variety of registry information on the status and collectibles of charges and commissions, as well tools for batch processing of selected in the register charges and commissions.  There is an option for defining of unified nomenclature with all types of fees which are charged. By the Preferences Tool there might be admitted deviations from the tariff. For each preference fee is specified who allowed the preference and what is the amount of deviation from the fee. Fees could be even manually charged by the users of the system as they are classified by the unified nomenclature and registered at the common register of charged fees with a possibility for reporting statements.



Budget Organization Servicing Module

picture7The module ensures servicing of institutions with budget financing,  according to the provisions of the Ministry of finance and the Bulgarian National Bank. Provisioned funds for servicing of all institutions including such on national and local budgets. There is automated interface of the system for processing budget payment SEBRA, preparation of outgoing firms in compliance with the Ministry of Finance and the Bulgarian National Bank /forms 90,91,92,93/.



Banks Module

picture8The module serves bank products and operations, intended for banks  and other finance institutions, as well ass to support data on correspondence relationship with them. It secures the necessary list of accounts as well as automated calculation and interest calculation. It also includes tools for automation of activities FOREX, MONEY MARKET and transactions with State Securities.

There is an option for maintaining and tracking of BGN and currency limits of FOREX, MONEY MARKET at client level and at system operator level.



Teller Operations Modulepicture9

Automation of teller operations. The module serves to ensure informational  (non accounting) processing of customer transactions and charges. The module maintains the allowed money in cash for particular currency as well as the cash banknotes by denominations for each teller's desk.



Electronic Debit and Credit Cards Module (national and international)


The module atomises the issuing and management of plastic cards and terminals, as well ensure the data exchange with BORICA and other systems for card payments.

The module maintains informational files of the international cards MAESTRO debit cards, MasterCard; VISA issued by the Bank (maintains information on card number, servicing exposition and card status).




Long Term Assets Module

picture11 This module  processes information about the long-term tangible and intangible assets on each level of the bank structure (Head Office, Bank Branch, Bank office, etc.) and the inventory book automatically calculates and accounts depreciations, performs revalorisation and re evaluation.




Inventory Module

This module maintains the data of the existing inventory in the bank system, secures booking and their writing off the system by one of the following methods: FIFO, LIFO, weight average cost.



VAT and Invoicing Module

picture12 The module maintains information of sales and purchases, including VAT calculations and invoicing in compliance with respective regulations. All necessary reports to tax authorities are produced automatically.  It allows automated issuing of centralized purchase sales log books and the monthly VAT declaration.




Equities Transactions Module

The module is intended to automate trading with corporate securities. It is designed to handle the keeping of register of traded securities, registering sales/purchases, transactions with securities, registering transfers of securities. An interface to the Central Depository according to the regulation for corporate security trading is designed.


Accounting Core


Main accounting core. The module is designed for inputting, generating and double entry book - keeping on all accounts related to the operation.

The module supports the Chart of accounts of the structure unit (Head Office, Bank Branch, Bank Office, etc) with allsynthetic andanalytical accounts, registry of book keeping entries, currency rates and main book. The module allows automatic generation of book-keeping entries in automated account tool in processing of electronic documents.


Statistical and Reporting Forms

The module is designed to define and develop a wide range of forms and analyses standardised for the bank. It allows automated data exporting from the information registers of OraSYS and those created by its technological modules as prior defined rules by the user are used.

The module provides an option for consolidation and complex analyses as well as the option for exporting final results as MS Excel files.


Internet Banking Subsystem

A system module ensuring the activity  of the client which allows remote banking via different distribution channels of bank services.


WIN Home Banking Service - Technology for remote banking via installation of user interface with the client. Periodically access to the bank is performed by Internet channel for sending and receiving of current information. This module provides the full range of typical bank operations to the client (currency payments, BGN payments to various settlement Operators in the country).


WEB Home Banking Service - Operation technology for remote banking via Internet-channel to access the Bank, with the full range of bank operations available to the client. The module does not require installation on spot at the client and does not maintain information at the client's database.


SMS and e-mail notification Service - There is an option for submitting SMS or E-mail messages to the client in case different events occur, which are of interest to the client. Such evens are: accounting entry on the client's account, maturity on a loan, maturity on deposit, money transfer, achieved minimal amount in respect to predefined by the client amount.


MS Word Integration

All documents issued by the system Ora Sys can be printed with MS Word. This option provides submitted documents to be with a high quality and automatically generated by the system. In developed templates of the bank documents data form the system can be used for issuing of specific document.


MS Excel Integration

All reports, generated by the OraSYS system can be previewed, printed, analyzed and saved with the tools of MS Excel. This option provides increased management efficiency and greater flexibility when using data of the banking information system.



Module description is summarized and gives the general functionalities which the integrated automated banking information system OraSYS supports.