SysHR Key Advantages


Our product is based on the extensive experience of the team of Sys Consulting in the development and support of integrated information and financial-accounting systems from various economic fields. The SysHR approach is one of total flexibility and results in a system that can be fully adapted to meet the needs of its users. Control over modification is given through the use of tables, containing business and operational parameters, and Utilities, facilitating customisation of screens, enquiries and reports.

FlexibilitySysHR uses parameter variables when managing the functions of the system thereby additional type of documents can be created, suitable for the specific needs of the installation.

IntegratedSysHR offers unique data integration between the different records and registers, so avoiding double handling of transactions. The design decreases the probability of errors or miscalculations.

Security - SysHR security management allows for security to be imposed on a person, screen or module.

ModularSysHR system is build on modules all designed by the same team, modules that can be used together or separately. The modular system has been designed with a consistent strategy which makes the modules easy to apply and utilize by the user.

OpenSysHR is based on open systems technologies, which provide portability across platforms together with ease of interoperability.