SYS Consulting Ltd. is a company working in the field of information technology. Our main goals and objectives are the creation, development, supply and maintenance of integrated financial and accounting information systems in the areas of:



  Investment banking

  Corporate financial accounting systems

  Non-bank credit institutions

  Leasing companies

  Human Resources and Payroll

  Payment institutions and electronic money

SYS Consulting Ltd. creates modular systems based on ready-made proprietary solutions suitable for installation in large financial institutions and corporations with specific requirements. The specific requirements of the clients are reflected in the basic software modules of the information systems of SYS Consulting Ltd., as a result of which users get the opportunity to use an individual system that meets their own specific requirements as much as possible.

Sys Consulting Ltd, as constituted, was incorporated in 2006 and has invested significantly in the team and products it offers.

The company maintains two main priorities which it upholds and develops in order to continue its upward development.

  • One is customers who have believed in our capabilities and use our systems and services.
  • The second is the knowledge and experience of the company's team, which has been built up over their last 17 years of working together.

Since its inception in 2006, SYS Consulting Ltd. has continually expanded the number of associates who develop and support the company's products. SYS Consulting Ltd. recruits its associates both from among proven professionals and from among talented and ambitious young students in the higher education institutions in Sofia and Varna. The company continuously trains and certifies its employees, working tirelessly to develop their skills.