OraBANK – Core Banking System

The proposed integral banking information system OraBANK is built on a modular basis using cutting-edge system platforms and architectural solutions for the building and development of complex and significant information systems. The system includes all general and specific requirements for the operation of banking financial and accounting systems in Bulgaria, as well as all particular financial technologies required to serve the customers of the Bank.

OraBANK is a fully integrated banking information and accounting system, enabling the Bank to meet the challenges of the swiftly changing market.

OraBANK is a centralized information system, with real-time execution of transactions and the ability to operate 24/7.

The integration of the system's modules into a single all-encompassing information system allows the construction of a complete solution for all units and sectors of the Bank's complex structure.

The construction of the OraBANK system has utilised a flexible approach, as a result of which the system is easily parameterized and adapted to the needs of users. The OraBANK system will enable the management of the Bank to operate effectively with a high level of process automation, low level of automation costs, minimum staff efforts and a high degree of overall control of operations. OraBANK covers not only the functionalities required by the Bank, but also a broad range of other system functionalities and options based on the extensive experience of the SYS Consulting Ltd. team in developing, supporting and optimising financial information systems.

OraWEB – Remote e-banking system

The OraWEB system is a modern multifunctional system for accessing and managing both personal and corporate finances via the Internet in the banking and non-banking financial institutions sector.

The OraWEB remote e-banking system is built on a modular principle using state-of-the-art system platforms and architectural solutions in the construction of complex and substantial information systems. The system incorporates all the general and specific requirements necessary for its operation in today's environment, as well as all the financial technologies needed to serve the customers of a financial institution, regardless of their location.