The OraFAMS system is a comprehensive and integrated solution for the automation of a trading company's activities related to warehouse management, preparation and invoicing of customer accounts payable, accounting and bookkeeping of fees, rents and receivables, management of customer data and supplier relationships, provides seamless integration and communication with other important information systems, records and stores information on all activities instantly, accurately and reliably, provides fast and efficient access to accurate and reliable financial management information, provides the means for timely preparation of reports required by internal and external project participants, facilitates the analysis and optimal design of management policy, and also automated accounting of all stages of the business area, treasury, accounting and VAT reporting and invoicing.

The OraFAMS system will allow the company's management to operate efficiently, with a high degree of process automation, low automation costs, minimal staff effort, and a high degree of control over operations. The OraFAMS system covers not only the functionality required by the company, but also a wide range of functionalities and capabilities of the system, based on the experience of the team of SIS Consulting Ltd. in the long-term accompaniment of financial information systems on the optimization and development of financial information services.

OraFAMS is a WEB-based centralized system built on state-of-the-art communication solutions and protocols.

OraFAMS offers an organization of work, tailored to the requirements and practice of the company using it, which can be modified when changing the internal organization of activities and the delegation of various powers and duties to individual units and divisions.

OraFAMS provides the ability to automate the financial accounting of a large number of companies in a single database, with each company having its own logical share of the overall database.

OraFAMS provides powerful tools for summarizing and analysing the collected information, which summarize the data from all structural units at a detailed level and provide means for aggregating the information into different reporting and reference forms for the different hierarchical levels of the organization individually and for the company as a whole.

OraFAMS is an open system, providing information exchange through standardized channels with other similar systems, as well as information exchange with banking information systems, providing automation of payment processes and control of the status of the company's bank accounts.