OraINS/WWWIns – Core Insurance System

The integrated information system OraINS/WWWIns covers all the specific requirements of an insurance company for an integrated insurance information system comprising all activities - both related to general insurance and specific to health insurance, built using modern technical solutions and platforms. The WWWIns subsystem not only provides a WEB Browser based user interface for the insurance company's employees, but also represents at the same time an integrated portal for servicing the activities of the company's insurance intermediaries.

The OraINS/WWWIns system is built on a modular principle using state-of-the-art system platforms and architectural solutions in the construction of complex and significant information systems. It incorporates all the general and specific requirements necessary for the operation of an insurance financial and accounting system in the conditions of the Republic of Bulgaria and other countries, as well as all the individual insurance technologies necessary for the service of the insurance company's clients. The OraINS/WWWIns system will allow the management of our potential clients to operate efficiently, with a high degree of process automation, low automation costs, minimal staff effort and a high degree of control over operations. The OraINS/WWWIns system covers not only the functionality required by an insurance company, but also a wide range of system functionalities and capabilities, based on the many years of experience of the SYS Consulting Ltd. team in accompanying financial information systems on the optimization and development of insurance services.