The development of the OraWEB L&L remote e-banking system has adopted a flexible approach, resulting in easy parameterisation and adaptation to the needs of users. The main features of the system include:

Flexibility – The OraWEB L&L system consists of specialized modules with the means to integrate and parameterize according to the customer's needs, allowing for easy and quick implementation, as well as future expansion, of the e–banking services offered by the financial institution.

Integrity The OraWEB L&L system offers a single solution for providing the full range of electronic services to its customers – round–the–clock access to information on accounts, movements, transfers, exchange rates, interest rates, etc., as well as providing the ability to issue BGN and foreign currency payment orders, collection requests and consents, account opening requests, cards, loans and deposits, cash withdrawals, etc. The system provides communication via WWW, E–MAIL, SMS. The product minimizes the possibility of inaccuracies and erroneous banking transactions through standardized operating technology by the financial institution management, which users are compelled to follow.

Modularity The OraWEB L&L system consists of modules created by one team that can be used together and separately. A common building strategy has been implemented in the development of the system modules, making them easy to use for users.

Reliability The OraWEB L&L system has been implemented using time–tested technologies and system software that ensures an extremely high degree of operational reliability.

Security – The OraWEB L&L system has an advanced security system that defines the individual and group permissions of each user in the financial institution's electronic banking system. State–of–the–art encryption and information protection tools are used, as well as a number of additional security mechanisms to prevent the possibility of unauthorized interference with the system. Additionally, each action or operation performed by the user records a complete log of the changes made, which can be easily monitored afterwards.

Accessibility The OraWEB L&L system is based on accessible system technologies, which ensures cross–platform portability, application scalability, ease of use, compatibility with various external products and banking systems.

Optimization of investment policy The OraWEB L&L system has built–in scalability tools, which allows incremental investment in computing resources according to the growth in demand for the services offered. On the other hand, the system is self–contained, communicating with the core banking system and external products through parameterizable information gateways, which minimizes the cost of building additional or modifying existing connections to external systems.