The OraWEB L&L remote e–banking system has been developed by a team of specialists with years of experience and knowledge in the area of banking, non–banking financial institutions and communication technologies. The most important advantages of the system include:

OraWEB L&L – A comprehensive e–banking solution

The OraWEB L&L system offered includes all the components to build a comprehensive e–banking solution. The modular principle of the system offers the possibility to quickly add new services at the moment when the dynamic electronic market requires them.

OraWEB L&L – A platform–independent system

The OraWEB L&L e–banking system is extremely unpretentious in terms of the choice of technical and communication tools, hardware platforms and operating systems. Built on the PERL application development language, OraWEB L&L can run on any platform preferred by the financial institution – both on free and open source operating systems, as well as on commercial products and systems with a correspondingly higher degree of reliability and assured support.

OraWEB L&L – A stand–alone system

An e–banking system is an add–on, an extension of a financial institution's core accounting and information system. It has flexible capabilities for fast, automated data exchange with external software products.

In this aspect, the architecture of the OraWEB L&L electronic banking system includes parameterizable information gateways, as well as the possibility of building new ones, for communication with virtually any data exchange environment. This allows the OraWEB L&L system to be viewed as a stand–alone, independent electronic banking product, resistant to changes in the systems with which it communicates, including their replacement.

OraWEB L&L – A modular system

The OraWEB L&L e–banking system offered is built on a modular principle that allows easy management of the functions used by the system. If necessary, the system modules can be easily adjusted or new ones can be added, while maintaining the common logic of processing and uniform data management. The modular design of the system facilitates the integration (through the development of appropriate information gateways) of the OraWEB L&L system with the other systems operating in the financial institution.

OraWEB L&L – An individual system

The OraWEB L&L e–banking system offered, despite its universal architecture, contains all the individual features, requirements and advantages of the banking technology implemented in the financial institution. The fact that the team of Sys Consulting Ltd. has been working successfully with a number of banks and financial institutions for many years and knows the nature of the information technology required by the bank, allows us to quickly and successfully incorporate the specifics of each bank into the OraWEB L&L system. The intended modification of the user interfaces according to the general design of the financial institution's website, the layout of the reference forms according to individual requirements and the possibility of continuous improvement of the system by the developers, defines the proposed system as a custom–made system for the financial institution.

OraWEB L&L – An open system

A key requirement in building complex information solutions is the ability to use the data stored in a particular system with the tools of other information systems or standard data analysis tools. In this aspect, the OraWEB L&L system is characterised by a high degree of openness to other systems. The data registers have a clear structure detailed in the attached operational documentation. Standard report generators can be used to access the information, as well as any other information system with the ability to access the Oracle RDBMS data. In order to use information from OraWEB L&L through other systems, appropriate permissions must be defined in advance (by the financial institution's system administrator) through the security system.