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Sys Consulting is pleased to present you the new completely integrated Insurance System Solution OraINS. The solution offered by our company covers all the major and specific requirements for an integrated insurance information system, developed by usage of up-to-date technical solutions and platforms.

OraINS system is a centralized integrated solution for automation of an insurance company’s business with a well-developed branch network and a large number of agents and representatives. The system covers in an integrated approach the activities in the life cycle of insurance policies, premium collections, agents and brokers commissions, maintenance of documents under special routine of reporting, registration and liquidation of claims, as well as the automatic accounting at all levels in the business field, internal accounting and personnel management.

In OraINS are integrated all the general and specific requirements essential for an insurance financial accounting system to function in the conditions of Republic of Bulgaria as well as all individual insurance technologies needed for the business of our clients.



The OraINS system will allow its users to operate effectively, with high level of automation of the processes, low cost of integration, minimum personnel effort and high level of control over ones business. The OraINS system covers not only the basic functionalities required by our clients, but also a large area of functionalities and possibilities, aimed at the optimization and development of the insurance services, based on the long-run experience in support of financial information systems of our team in Sys Consulting.

OraINS supports operational hierarchy, which conforms to the requirements and practice of the User Company, and is changeable upon change in the internal organization of the business field and upon delegation of different powers and obligations to the individual units and branches.

OraINS provides powerful tools for collected information aggregation and analysis, which involves the so-called MIS (Management Information System). MIS synthesizes the data at a detailed level and provides tools for aggregation of the information in different report and inquiry forms, both for the different levels in a company and for different products, clients’ segmentation, etc.


OraINS has a flexible approach, which makes it a system completely adaptable to users’ needs. Modification control is provided by the means of different tables containing working and operational parameters, as well as by tools facilitating the creative draw up of reports and inquiries.


The main features of the system include:

Flexibility - OraINS uses default parameters to drive system functions, so you can create additional documents to meet the individual requirements of the installation. Also the OraINS system is based on specialized modules that can be easily integrated at any point, which allows for a swift and prompt transformation or supplementation to the users insurance services.

Integrity - OraINS offers uniformity of data for the different types of lists and registers, with a view to avoid multiple data entry. The system is designed so as to decrease the probability of errors or miscalculations.

Reliability - OraINS uses Oracle 9i/10g - one of the most reliable RDBMS in the world.

Security - The OraINS security system allows for control and restrictions to be imposed on the screens of each individual employee and on an individual module. Additionally every action or procedure, allowed to a system user, is recorded in a complete system log that can be easily changed or supervised at a later stage.

Scalability - As customer business grows, OraINS could be extended because of its system architecture, hardware and operating system portability. The OraINS system is composed of homogeneous modules, which can be used together or separately. The modules system has been designed with a consistent strategy which makes them easy to apply and utilize by the user.

Open - OraINS is based on standard and available system technologies, which provide ease of compatibility and operation.

Safe Investment – the team of Sys Consulting has substantial experience in the correct comprehension, clean-up, integration and migration of the data from outdated systems in order to comply at best with the new requirements of our clients. This know-how allows for a creation of an accurate and effective strategy for the implementation of OraINS in the structures of our clients, without risk of data loss or excessive personnel stress.