About Us

logo-default  works in the field of design, implementation and support of various software solutions. The company targets long-term cooperation with its customers, focusing its business in the following areas:


  • Banking


  • Insurance


  • Investment banking


  • Corporate financial and accounting systems


  • Other financial institutions and state agencies



Our automated systems comprise different modules designed by our company that are suited for implementation in big financial institutions and companies with specific requirements.Money
Our packages have wide opportunities for providing comprehensive services to our customers. The systems automate the individual lines of activity of the institutions and provide improved information services to the branches, to the whole financial institution, and last but not the least, they automate the bi-directional information flow between the financial institution and its customers by means of a number of advanced software solutions.

Sys Consulting, in its present composition, was registered in 2006 and ivests significantly in its team and the products that it offers.