Sys Consulting is pleased to acquaint you with the present Human Resources solution SysHR, born in response to the current market needs: Web-based information system that covers all the aspects of human resource management, payroll calculations, preparation and filing of necessary documentation to NSSI and other official institutions.

SysHR provides rich accounting information essential to the management levels of a business as well as for the requirements of state control agencies.

SysHR system is full and integrated solution for automation of the human resources management of complex organizations that can consist of several companies as well as their divisions.

SysHR is WEB-based centralized system, developed by the most up-to-date communication solutions and protocol standards and uses Oracle database 10g, which guarantees its reliable operation and rich capabilities for scaling the usage of the hardware equipment accordingly to expected loads. SysHR adopts a workflow style, suited with the requirements and practices of the business that uses it. This workflow can change with the alteration of the internal order of the business and the allocation of different permits and obligations through the different business units and departments.

SysHR stipulates for powerful tools, for generalization and analysis of the gathered information, which processes in detail the data from all departments and pools the information into reports and reference books valuable for the different levels of the company as well as for the company as a whole.